Simone Becke  

Born in Munich, she passionately devoted herself to music, dance and creativity at a young age. She began playing the piano, received three university scholarships and completed a classical ballet education. Perhaps it would have been this path had Simone Becke not one day discovered fashion for herself. She graduated from the Meisterschule für Mode in Munich as a model maker and then threw herself heart and soul into the fashion industry. For 10 years she worked for one of Austria's leading companies for traditional, ski and ready-to-wear clothing in Kitzbühel.  

In 2019, she made her dream come true and opened a studio under her own name. Focusing on construction and fit, which have become her trademarks, each of her collections is built on a foundation of natural fabrics and high-quality workmanship, produced regionally.

Simone lives in Kitzbühel with her husband and 2 children.