Conscious fashion

Studio Simone Becke Kitzbühel stands for lovingly designed, high-quality fashion, which is sustainably produced step by step. For women who appreciate exactly that - and who love their favourite pieces for a long time.

I am part of the generation that asks questions. Who asks where products come from, how they are produced, under what conditions. If everyone involved in the so-called value chain is treated and paid fairly, what are the ecological standards and the will to develop sustainably. For me privately, it is a decision whether or not I buy a brand, a product or a service.

As an entrepreneur, I naturally follow the same principles that define my approach. Therefore, for me fashion awareness has a lot to do with consciousness. My aim is to create consistent favourite pieces that make the woman who wears them proud and happy and that are in harmony with the environment. Conscious fashion. My label is not yet 100% sustainable. But I am working on it. Day by day.


The quality of the fabric determines the quality of the garment. Our goal is to soon source the majority of our fabrics from sustainable, certified companies. Already now we only buy goods from European manufacturers from Germany, Italy, Austria and Spain. Even accessories such as zippers, buttons etc. are purchased according to the principle of "local first". For our patterns we only use eco-paper and the production of the collections takes place completely in the district of Kitzbühel: from the first draft to the finished item.


The entire packaging is optimised for sustainability. Everything recycled, nothing unnecessarily glued, films made of biodegradable glucose, with climate-neutral shipping.


My collections are not necessarily created in seasonal collections, but rather in my own rhythm. I want to create favourite pieces of timeless value. Clothing that will accompany you for a lifetime. Which you will discover again and again in your wardrobe and which you will be happy about every time, just like the first time. This only succeeds if you focus on quality at every step.


We see our suppliers as partners and want to grow and develop together with them. It is therefore important to us that employees are treated and remunerated fairly. So that in the end there is a fair price per garment. Calculated sustainably and without unnecessary extra charges.